Unavowed by Blindsight Games

Screen - SPLASH-01

In the near future under the guise of creating protection from cyber-terrorism governments, in conjunction with large corporations, have locked down internet access by requiring all users to have costly, highly controlled and monitored identities. This has effectively restricted digital information to only those who are willing to give up their privacy and are privileged enough to be able to afford it. A small, loosely knit group of hackers known as the “Unavowed” has sworn to fight this cyber-political bullying by reclaiming the servers and returning information access to all.

UI Page 3
Unavowed is a timed puzzle game in which the player takes the role of a computer hacker attempting to gain control of computer servers spread across the game world. To do this, they will utilize viruses and other nefarious programs to hack into, and take control of government heldservers in order to return free access of information for everyone in the world.

On this project I provided music, UI and explosion sfx.

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