The Tale of Thaddeus

I recently did a recording session with Michael of Caliginous Worlds. We recorded audio and video for his most recent project: The Tale of Thaddeus. Caliginous Worlds is getting close to launching a kickstarter campaign to begin fundraising.

Michael played piano with the view of the Pacific Ocean through the windows. We began recording at dusk till after sunset. This time frame enables us to work with a wide variety of color balances in post-processing.

For the video’s audio, I decided to capture with 3 microphones: h4n, akg220, and the camera’s built-in microphone. I used the h4n to capture the room and the akg to capture voice.  We recorded two passes of the kickstarter introduction song, and also recorded two songs written for piano.

Try out Tale of Thaddeus now and give Michael some feedback on his project. You can download the alpha from here. Keep a lookout for the kickstarter campaign!

Extra: check out two songs we recorded with Michael on guitar. Enjoy!

classic game for iOS

So I decided upon a small project in order to advance my knowledge of iOS development. I am building a clone of the popular 70’s handheld game Simon.

In the beginning stages of the project, I encountered the problem of deciding how to detect touch presses for these uncommonly shaped simon buttons. Was I to generate each button programmatically using core graphics? Was I to use images as UIbuttons? Eventually I found some helpful code called OBshapedbutton that inherits UIbutton’s ability to have a background UIimage yet ignores touch presses on transparent regions of an image. This allows me to ignore button presses in the center of my Simon ‘board’.

Interview with IndieGameHQ on the music of Vox


Vox composer Dan Young sat down with Indie Game HQ to discuss his work in the upcoming adventure game Vox. He discusses what brought him to work with developer Steve Ball, and his influences in developing music for Vox. Dan also gives IGHQ some technical details on how he produces audio as well as sharing his motivations for what drives him as a composer.

Read it here!

chordChart – an application for creating simple lead sheets

I’ve began making some simple tools to help with my transcriptions and arrangements.

My first application is a command-line tool for creating lead-sheets called chordChart. With chordChart you can create your own chord progression and then output into a neatly spaced .txt file. Any set of chords can easily be transposed into another key for those other instruments.

Unavowed by Blindsight Games

Screen - SPLASH-01

In the near future under the guise of creating protection from cyber-terrorism governments, in conjunction with large corporations, have locked down internet access by requiring all users to have costly, highly controlled and monitored identities. This has effectively restricted digital information to only those who are willing to give up their privacy and are privileged enough to be able to afford it. A small, loosely knit group of hackers known as the “Unavowed” has sworn to fight this cyber-political bullying by reclaiming the servers and returning information access to all.

UI Page 3
Unavowed is a timed puzzle game in which the player takes the role of a computer hacker attempting to gain control of computer servers spread across the game world. To do this, they will utilize viruses and other nefarious programs to hack into, and take control of government heldservers in order to return free access of information for everyone in the world.

On this project I provided music, UI and explosion sfx.

Try it out!



Modern Times by the UCSB Film Cooperative

This film is a Charlie Chaplin tribute of modern times that was screened May 25th at the 2012 Reel-Loud Film Festival. It was shot in 16mm and later transferred to a digital format. I performed the score live with help from the band the Givers and Takers. Later in the summer of 2012, I rerecorded a solo piano score for the film that can be seen here.


Modern Times with New Score from Sirkon Ashkan on Vimeo.


Limbo from Anthony Kozlowski on Vimeo.

Here is a short film called ‘Limbo’ created by Anthony Kozlowski. He describes the film: “Two roommates share an awkward lunch together after one kills the other.”

I wrote a short song featuring piano, guitar, finger snaps and slightly out of tune whistling :)